Now while the automatic transmission requires no clutch linkage, it does need gear shift linkage. This had worried me until I spotted a on the floor unit from a Dodge car with a 727 transmission at the junk yard. I removed the gear selector assembly and related linkage. The selector fit nicely in the existing shift lever hole.

I don't know the model of the car in the junk yard off the top of my head. I'd have to look at a line up of the 1970's era cars to get the name. E-mail me if you can't find something at your local yard and I'll get a model name for you. The linkage bolted up to the transmission, and I only had to shorten the shaft between the gear shift lever and the vertical section of linkage (see photo).

I had to fabricate a mounting point for the cone shaped support on the vertical shaft. This was done with a couple pieces of angle aluminum. (again, see the photos). What I thought would be a difficult part of the installation ended up taking one evening to put together.

That's about it... This installation sits low, so I had to "adjust" the oil pan a bit with a big hammer to clear the front differential housing in full articulation. . Feel free to email me with ?'s: